Complete ID service on Mac computers

Complete ID is a service that provides your Mac with basic mоnitоring that includes alerts and scans for unencrypted chat rooms, malicious websites, and black market sites where your data can be sold. If the app detects a threat of identity theft, it will contact you immediately. Complete ID also warns relevant bureaus. In case of any frаudulеnt аctivity detected, the app will report about it.

Complete ID login

To start using the software, you should go to their page, download it, and create your account.

Complete ID monitors virtually every area of ​​your life to ensure that your personality is not being used fraudulently. Banks and other institutions are included in the offer to make sure the new account is not open through you. It keeps track of medical records and driver’s licenses in case a stranger would try to impersonate you. The app also monitors civil and governmental records to make sure your name is not used in connection with a theft. Each time a red flag appears, it as soon as possible reaches out to you or the relevant bureaus and starts the recovery process.

In addition to trасking your activities, Complete ID provides the credit audit plans that include copying your financial instruments every year. The only function that we did not see in it is removing your name from ad mailing, so you do not receive that amount of spam emails and credit offers, because of which you are more likely to be compromised by the identity theft. By the way, Clario is an instrument that has such a function already.

You can also enroll your children in any of the software plans. This is an important feature because kids are more likely than adults to suffer from data theft.

If your identity is compromised, the service knows how to help you in such situations.  If you are suffering from identity theft, it can help you to have your identity back, even if you haven’t bought the identity theft protection services yet. It offers a few options of restoration for Mac-users:  for banking documents, for records, and for law and government documents. 

Complete ID for Mac

All in all, this service is nice when it comes to giving your family’s devices a decent level of safety.  

It guarantees its service 100%. If someone steals your identity, Complete ID would hire a certified identity theft risk management team to work directly with you to solve all problems. However, picking a multifunctional tool for the same price would be a better option. If you are interested, try Clario.

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