IDShield: is it worth to buy it?

IDShield is known app against identity frauds for Mac that gives to its buyers high standard product. The program assists customers with finmonitoring plus alerts them if there is danger for probable identity theft. 

Identity theft is common and very dangerous internet frauds nowadays. Firstly, user download some viruses or malware on the laptop or mobile phone, or just unintentionally disclose private details, for instance identification info, login and passwords for e-mail or networks, or just credit card information and that is enough for hackers to hack the system and “stole the identity” (secret details). It means that private data could be shown in the Net or will be used to withdraw and stole the funds.

IDShield: the main login information

Let’s find out in detail the proposes of IDShield for Mac users and compare pros and cons. Firstly, after login into system IDShield provides full time monitoring of your data, i.e. debit or credit info, private details and so on. It constantly monitors open databases and social network systems to find out any leak of your personal details. If such found, you would be informed within seconds. What is more, it seeks for data bridge on the laptop or in the Net. If there are any suspicion on such bridge, you will be advised with recommendations and steps to be done to secure yourself.

Apart from this, the app provides you with 24/7 online support with true professionals and are available both for Mac (IOS system) and Android. Moreover, it has insurances for cases of identity frauds. IDShield has several disadvantages. The main one is impossibility to unsubscribe after its buying (though you were given month trial first). Also, it does not ensure the full security for Mac and only alerts you on possible data bridge but cannot block or do anything else to make such bridge impossible.

Is it worth buying the IDShield in 2020?

IDShield gives several packages for Mac. What is more, there are both family subscription and individual, in general 4 types of packages. The price starts from approximately 13$ per month to 33$ per month. It should be emphasized that apps for protection of identity help you secure your personal details, especially bank information so that the money not to be steeled.

Many more services, such as Clario, with extra benefits could be found. So, it’s better to check also them before buying your service.   


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