What is AllClear ID

AllClear ID is a new service providing safety services for organizations, enterprises, individuals, and families.

Founded in 2004 with headquarters in Austin, Texas, it specializes in audit and lending utilities, including identity verification, abduction of a child, caregiver. The company works together with the American governmental institutions concerned on the topic to provide enhanced identity theft safety for the users.

How to use AllClear ID login

Mac users are often concerned about their safety online. Perpetrators can steal your personal data, credit cards, and even more without your knowledge. That’s why so many people nowadays try to install special software on their Mac.

Among the benefits of using this service on Mac is an extra secure personal account. Once you’ve purchased the app, you will start making your account and the service will make sure that perpetrators would not get access to it. Anytime you try to log in, AllClear will reach out to your registered number to make sure it’s the original owner of the account. At the same time, it might become annoying at one moment since there is no way to prove your personality while not having the registered phone number with you.

For example, if your phone is not charged or left at home, and you try to login with a laptop, it will be impossible to get access to your own AllClear online cabinet. With the fact that AllClear can put credit freezes on you, sometimes it can be really crucial to be able to reach your account immediately, so the phone call security tool might cause you troubles. Many users complain about it, but AllClear still hasn’t done anything to fix the trouble If you are not satisfied with the quality of what it contains, you can ask for a money-back. The issue is that the only way to do it is to call them by phone. If you are not situated in the USA, it might be quite pricey for you to call the American number.

AllClear ID: the truth

The quality of utilities is controversial. On one side, they offer a huge variety of auditing services, including financial information from all the world’s main banking institutions, financial audit, SSN audit, and ChildScan control to make sure the children are safe.

On the other side, their customer support is not the best, and sometimes you might get troubles with login while trying to reach your own account. So if you want to get your Mac fully protected, try another instrument.


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